Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Exciting news! I found a bait Pullip head, and May/etsy seller Day Dreamer Dolly has agreed to donate her time, a body, and supplies to create a Pullip custom for PUDDLE! She does great custom work. (The eyes of her custom Chii light up!) The doll may be a raffle prize or she may be a door prize, depending on our financial state next spring.
In other exciting news, MissMandyLynne is donating a custom mini she recently finished. I'm still holding out hope that JP USA might donate some dolls, but if they don't, at least we will have some dolls for prizes.

Thanks, May and MissMandyLynne!

Monday, October 19, 2009

There is a short story and three photos about PUDDLE 2009 in the January 2010 Contemporary Doll Collector! The photos were taken by babelglyph, Gina LaGai, and tiglem.

If you are happy to see the coverage, please consider (1) buying a copy of the magazine, (2) thanking the magazine for the article - the email address is, or (3) both. Small images are posted here - please don't let them keep you from buying copies of the magazine! Magazines are folding right and left. We want to help keep the doll magazines in print.

Contemporary Doll Collector even sent me copies of the magazine, which was very nice.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

cute dresses from sewgrandmacathy

I know it seems like PUDDLE 2010 is a long way off, but it takes lots of time and planning to get everything in place! I've been soliciting donations and watching out for sales so we have plenty of items for prizes and gift bags next year. I was happy to receive these Dal-sized dresses with turtles on them from etsy seller sewgrandmacathy for next year's Pullip convention. (Although she doesn't usually have a lot of outfits tailored to fit Dal ready made in her shop, she is always happy to make Dal items to order. All of her clothing is well made and very reasonably priced.)

Thanks, Cathy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We have a new charity for 2010!

The Willowbrook Wildlife Center is about 10 miles from where we will hold PUDDLE in 2010. The Center works in conjunction with the Forest District of Dupage County’s Natural Resource Management team with the rearing of Illinois state endangered Blanding’s Turtles.

This summer they hatched 260 turtles that they are caring for. The money we raise at PUDDLE will go toward the continued care of the turtles. Since the theme of next year's PUDDLE is TURTLES, I think they are a perfect match. They will also accept donated items; I'll post the list of items when I receive it. They will acknowledge our support on their website and in their newsletter. If anyone is interested, a visit to the Center on Friday or Sunday is possible.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a reminder that if you have not yet paid your base fee of $25 but do so by Halloween, you will receive 9 free raffle tickets. That's a 12% discount!