Friday, December 31, 2010

PUDDLE charitable opportunity

Most of us occasionally buy a fashion or other doll for her outfit. We strip her and are left with a doll we don't need and have trouble selling because she's not worth too much.

I've been keeping such dolls in a box for the last few years. This year, I made arrangements with the local public housing authority to go to two of their after school programs with my box of naked dolls and another box of felt and other fabric scraps. Each girl who came to the program chose a doll and then we made clothing for the next hour. It was a ton of fun for me and the girls. I gave away 30 dolls and could easily have given away another 10. (More girls showed up than had been invited, but it worked out okay because older girls helped younger girls with the outfits and didn't take dolls themselves.)

I would love to do this again next year, but I am all out of naked dolls. If you have some of those naked dolls around and would like to find them good homes, please consider bringing them to PUDDLE and giving them to me. I promise that they will be put to good use. They do not have to be Barbies. Most of mine were Barbie or similar fashion dolls, but I also had some small porcelain dolls, Dollar Store Bratz clones, little Cabbage Patch kids, and others. Boys are less popular - the four I had were the last four dolls to get taken - but I'll take them too if that's what you have. Oh, and if you have any spare shoes, I'd love those too (since it is hard to make shoes out of felt!).

Questions, please let me know, and thanks for considering donating your naked dolls to a good cause!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just wanted to say thank you to McKenna, Staria, Kira Kira, WellerMade, and Asashi! McKenna donated a Pullip body; Staria, part of an obitsu; Kira Kira a doll, body, and chips; WellerMade, a head and obitsu body; and Asashi an assortment of bait heads, bodies, and eye mechs.

And also a big thanks to those who are donating their customization skills! Requiem, blair, Kisa, DayDreamerDolly, and myufish are all working on customs for PUDDLE.

If anyone else has bodies, body parts, heads, or eye mechs to donate, please let me know! (We especially need a boy body for a Namu head donated by Asashi.)