Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello! Now that we are into the holiday season, I know no one (except me) will be thinking about PUDDLE until the new year. However, once we are into the new year, it will only be five months until PUDDLE! Hurray!

So, just a reminder that if you pay your base fee of $25 by 1/1/10, you will receive 6 free raffle tickets. Perhaps you can ask for the registration fee as a holiday present! (If you need my paypal address, please email me at truefan at and I'll send it to you.)

Also, if you are coming to PUDDLE, a reminder to send me your registration information if you haven't already (your name, the names of others coming, what you'd like on your nametag(s), where you are coming from, and your email address). You do not have to pay when you register.

I'll start advertising the event contests in the new year too, but you can get a jump on the contests and start thinking now about customized and modified dolls, custom outfits, entries for the photo and art contests, and the dress-like-your-doll parade. More details here:

I am still looking for donations for prizes and gift bags, and someone to coordinate the ordering portion of PUDDLE 2010 t-shirts.

Lastly, if you read Doll Reader, check out the letters to the editor in the December/Janiuary 2010 issue. They published my letter thanking them for the PUDDLE coverage.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Many thanks to Panik's Toy Box!

They donated not one but TWO $50 gift certificates to be used as prizes at the 2010 PUDDLE. They have lots of cute and creepy items for sale - check them out!