Monday, January 31, 2011

Dollte Porte

Yosuke Oba of JP USA sent me information about the new Dollte-Porte series. It's a complete line-up of the full-sized dolls in the Pullip family plus a tie-in to human clothing. (I hope the clothing comes in many sizes.) The release date is June - perhaps we will get some tie-in advertising at PUDDLE!

P-034 Pullip Dollte-Porte Henri

D-127 DAL Dollte-Porte Charlemagne

T-219 Taeyang Dollte-Porte Alfred

B-314 Byul Dollte-Porte Leroy

I-906 Isul Dollte-Porte Vesselle

"’Doll is an existing person.’’ If you are a doll user, no matter how small or big, uou must have dreamt once or twice that a ‘’Doll is an existing person’’ inside your doll-loving heart. Unlike personification, like ‘’Sister’’, ‘’Daughter’’, ‘’A woman that you admire’’, or ‘’A replica of yourself’’, this is a dream that wonders ‘’If it was only real person’’. Then if you could project yourself or someone in your life, then a part of your dream will come true….’’Dollte-Porte’’ is a project that will fulfill such a dream. Specifically, MANGO PARK, PULLIP’s designer, designed and produced outfits in your size that was originally developed for dolls. The doll apparel brand ‘’Dollte-Porte’’ is a human-size apparel brand.

- Doll Apparel Brand that has developed goods in human size for the first time in the Doll Industry.

- A model that will appeal to true doll fans.

*More detail for human size apparel brand information will announce shortly."

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a new year, and PUDDLE 2011 is only six months away (June 11, 2011). Now is the time to resolve to attend! Just a reminder that there is a PUDDLE forum where you can look for rides, riders, and roommates:

Also a reminder that there are a number of contests at PUDDLE - start planning now so you can enter! Entries for the online photo/art contest can be submitted to me anytime. The photo/art contest deadline is April 1. (The other contests will take place at PUDDLE.) Anyone can enter the photo/art contest, even if you are not attending the event.

Full contest details can be found here:

Also, if you want to make items to put in the gift bags or to be used as contest or raffle prizes, now is a good time to get started. If you'd like to make your hotel reservations, find details here:

If you have questions about anything, please let me know, and happy new year!