Saturday, February 2, 2013

Register now for PUDDLE 2013

PUDDLE is only four months away! It's on June 15 at the Chicago-Elk Grove Holiday Inn.

If you planning on attending and have not yet registered, please do (even if you aren't ready to pay right now). It really helps with planning if I have an idea of how many people are attending. Thanks! Registration info here:

Also, if you are attending, please think about ways you can help make PUDDLE a success! One of the reasons Blythe conventions are so great is that many attendees donate items to other fans. If you can knit, sew, create, or make items you think other Pullip fans would like, please consider doing so. Donations of any amount - 1, 10, or 50 - will be happily accepted, as will mini chocolates to put out on the tables, or small items you buy for the gift bags. Be on the lookout for great doll-sized clearance items. Thanks!