Sunday, January 5, 2014

Only five months to PUDDLE 2014! Time to start thinking about whether you are attending and which contests to enter. New this year is a Best in Theme contest. The winner will receive a mint Kuhn Pullip! (The doll was given to TrueFAn by Groove USA to review and she is donating her to PUDDLE.) The winning entry may also be an entry in one of the traditional contests, or it may be something entirely new (like a rainbow diorama for dolls to pose against). Use your imagination and you may win!

See the website for more information about PUDDLE ( or join the forum if you are seeking a ride, riders, or roommates ( If you’d like to receive email updates, send TrueFan your email address. 

Also, if you make things to sell, we are always looking for new vendors! As always, please let TrueFan know if you have questions.


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